1946 Born in Pasto, Colombia.
1968 First group show, while she was still a university student, at the Centro Colombo-Norteamericano in Bogota, Colombia.
1970 Graduated from the School of Fine Arts,  Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.
1972 Moved to Panama. Exhibited at Panarte, her first solo exhibition in Panama. Worked as professor of printmaking at the University of Panama, where she had a noticeable influence on Panamanian graphic artists.  Inaugurated the concept of exhibiting paintings on buses, thereby extending the artistic horizon to the popular urban environment.
1970- 1976 Period of intense pictorial activity and participation in local and international exhibitions and biennials, including the Young Artists Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art,  Bogota, 1970; the Second Graphic Arts Biennial, Cali, 1973; the Graphic Arts Biennial of Puerto Rico, 1979; and the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture), Quito, 1976.
1977-1978 Lived and worked in Ecuador. 
1979 Founded the Printmaking Workshop at the Panamanian Institute of Art (Panarte), where she was responsible for revitalizing an interest in printmaking as an artistic medium in Panama. (1979-1983)
1980 Planned and carried out the project “Eleven Prints”, a portfolio with works by the best Panamanian artists of that time.
1981 Directed the graphic series “Panarte Editions”.
1983 Specialized in lithography at the Blau Workshop in Formentara, Spain, and worked on “Pictorial Spaces”, a 7 x 3 meter mural, the first example of installation art in Panama.
1984 Participated in the Club de Grabado (Graphic Club) Portfolio printed at Prográfica in Cali, and the Portfolio of the Religious Music Festival in Popayán, both in Colombia.
1990 Reduced her activities and abandoned printmaking, for health reasons.
1995 Experienced an artistic renewal, beginning a period dedicated to nature, characterized by splendid colors and light.
2000 Employing new techniques, she began to create computer art and recreate digitalized photographs.

Lives and works in Panama City, Panama.


Edition of “Memoria Digital”, her digital art book, winner of top prizes in Latino Book Award (New York, USA).

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1968 Colombo American Center. Bogotá.
1978 Professor at Engraving Workshop. Architectural Faculty. Universidad de Panamá.
1979 Founder and Director till 1983 of Graphic Arts Workshop in the Contemporary Art Museum of Panamá.
1980 Editor and Director of portfolio “11 Engravings” of top panamenian artists.
1981 Editor and Director of the engraving Series “Ediciones Panarte”.
1982 Litography at Taller Experimental de Gráfica de La Habana. Cuba. Silk-screen Conceptos Gráficos. Prográfica. Cali.
1983 Litography at Atelier Blau. Formentera. España.
1984 Portfolio Club de Grabado. Prográfica. Cali. Portfolio Sacred Music Festival. Popayán.
1997 Morada del Sur Prize, “Outstanding Citizen of Nariño”.
1993 Final Selection, Painting Triennial, Osaka, Japan.
1987 Honorable Mention, Intergrafik 87, Berlin, Germany. Final Selection, International Print Exhibition, China. Exhibition in Homage of 450 Years of the Founding of the City of Pasto, Colombia.
1986 National Painting Prize, 30th Salon of Colombian Artists, Bogota, Colombia. 
1985 Final Selection, International Print Exhibition, China.
1983 Honorable Mention, Graphic Arts Biennial, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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