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Crítics - Insects

El Comercio. Quito – Ecuador
July 1975

A hallucinating Kafkaesque world brought to a suitable plastic form, introduces Alicia Viteri as a painter with profound motivations and a very precise technique. This striking series of engravings and drawings are a way to externalize an inner reality, filled by ontological problems. It’s a merciless dissection of the spirit. An introspective world that is scary to look out without the strong arms of reason.
An ontic reality invaded with the monsters of the soul, which in the case of Viteri are insects, like in Kafka’s case. The insects invade the body, spirit, all things, and the reality of men until he gradually morph´s and assumes the identity of what invaded him. Emerged from this dazzling world, from this authentic and recondite world where the monsters of men reside. Alicia Viteri creates a very personal, brave and vigorous art.

Along with her strong ideological motivations, Alicia Viteri’s work is structured in a suitable and formal manner. She is Painter that knows the trade.